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Intense ruby ​​red color with violet reflections. Young, fresh, it has harmonic and fruity characteristics.
It can be considered a wine for the whole meal with the exception of particularly tasty or spicy dishes and of desser. Serve at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

GRAPES: Sangiovese 90% - other complementary red grape varieties 10%

COLOR: bright ruby ​​red

PERFUME: fruity with notes of cherry, raspberry and currant

FLAVOR: harmonious and pleasantly fresh

ALCOHOL:12,5% Vol.

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Ean: 8052439990034 Year: 2018 Product code: 405


The choice of varieties is a fundamental element for organic viticulture like ours. Our intent is to work in harmony with the ecosystem, therefore there is limited possibility of choice in production, especially with regard to the immune defenses of the fungal and downy mildew. The typical diseases of the vine strongly discourage the use of non-native vines to the advantage of organic production. Using native vines enhances the characteristics of a wine area such as ours and makes the permanence of our tradition of great importance.

Our grapes are harvested by hand and placed whole in steel containers for carbonic maceration. The procedure, different from the classic vinification, allows the production of the new wine with its peculiar aromatic and taste characteristics, in particular its unmistakable bouquet.
Following the carbonic maceration, a soft pressing is performed in order to extract all the juice from the berry.
Finally the fermentation procedure is terminated in a traditional way at a controlled temperature.

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