Le Volute

Our company

In the heart of the municipality of San Gimignano stands the organic farm Podere le Volute which has been producing Chianti docg since 1999, a fragrant and pleasant Novello rosso di Toscana igt and of course the famous Vernaccia di San Gimignano docg. The other excellence is extra virgin olive oil, very fruity with hints of artichoke. I work with respect for nature with dedication and passion because I am personally involved in running the company and since its inception I have chosen to adopt the organic method convinced that it is the only way to preserve the natural balance with their biodiversity, bringing benefits first to the ground then to the plants that live there. This allows me to exclude products that are harmful to the environment, animals and consequently to the final consumer. I produce at the expense of quantity but in favor of quality and the wine I get is what is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar. The entire supply chain is controlled and certified by the control body for organic farming Icea.


“Wine is for the soul what water is for the body...”

Mario Soldati

“If we look at a glass of wine carefully enough we see the whole universe. There are the things of physics: the turbulent and evaporating liquid as a function of wind and time, the reflection on the glass of the glass, and our imagination adds atoms.”

Richard Feynman